Buffet Eating Strategies

1. Remember at Buffets it cost more to come WW than to go to the Buffet.
If you want to get your money's worth you may end up paying for the extra
weeks at WW to get the extra pounds off. Remember you are worth the price
at the restaurant no matter what the cost is.  Scan the room, and remember the spread is for you and a few hundred other people!

2. Eat a big salad first, watch out for the creamy items, mayo, starches
and the cottage cheese. Avoid salads with dressings already in them.

3. Have a soup after the salad, go for the clear not creamy soups.

4. Sit next to the wall and have someone block you in so you can't keep
going back.

5. Walk the buffet before you choose what you are going to eat.

6. Take small portions of what you really want. Don't fill up on junk or
stuff you don't really want.

7. Avoid the high fat (fattening items), watch out for fried, creamed,
breaded, crispy, au gratin or items dripping something other than water.

8. Look for the steamed vegetables, baked meats, roast, broiled, red
sauces, poached and as one of the members reminded us the "Exit" sign.

9. If you want something that is higher in points take just a little

10. Ask if a nutrition chart is available.