1. Have something  light before you leave the house, like an orange.
2. Order 1/2 portions
3. Drink lots of water....before-during-after
4. Share a meal with someone
5. Divide the meal before you eat and have the waiter pack it up.
6. Order light menu items like grilled, broiled,steamed,poached,stir-fried.
7. Order things the way you want them- no butter on veggies,sauce on the side.
8. Use extreme meal planning -You need at least 15 points for Chinese!
9. Save up points during the week.
10. Order off the appetizer menu
11. If you want dessert plan for a lighter meal or just order desert!
12. Stop eating before your full(if you eat anymore you will have to open you pant button)
13. Talk more than eat.
14. Put your utensils down between bites.
15. When you have eaten all you have planned to eat cover your plate with your napkin.
16. Chew slowly, enjoy every bite, there is no prize for the first person finished!
17. Order first.
18. If you want wine with dinner don¹t order a cocktail before.
19. Have the waiter remove the - bread basket,soup crunches,butter,etc..
20. Always wear clothes that  are fitted,i.e. jeans or something with a button!