IMAGINE if you didn't buy the chips
IMAGINE if you ordered a half portion

IMAGINE if you asked for half of the food to be wrapped up before you dove into it.

IMAGINE if you walked by the cookie aisle

IMAGINE if you took one piece of bread

IMAGINE if you had only one glass of wine

IMAGINE if there were no fast food joints & had to look for better alternatives while on the run

IMAGINE if you said "no thank you"

IMAGINE if you walked one more telephone pole

IMAGINE if you walked one more minute

IMAGINE if ice cream became a special night out rather than a nightly horror

IMAGINE if kept your journal one more day this week (or one day period)

IMAGINE if stayed for your meeting this week to hear what others are doing and their success

IMAGINE if you came back to your meeting this week

IMAGINE if movies had no refreshments; would the ending change?

IMAGINE if you ate when you were hungry

IMAGINE if you suggested a walk to the food pushers in your life

IMAGINE if you realized that you were "the mommy"

IMAGINE if you had to make different decisions because of your health (why wait?)

IMAGINE if you were not the office with the candy for everyone

IMAGINE if you asked people around you for help and support

IMAGINE if you tried a new recipe this week.

IMAGINE if tried a new food this week, a new fruit, an new vegetable


from my WW Leader friend Rich DiGirolamo, helping people and organizations rediscover how fun leads to rewarding personal and professional lives.  Check him out at --