Motivation?  Focus on the Desire!

It has to be cultured from within.  It can not be given to you.  It can
be facilitated, supported and acknowledged by attending a weekly WW

Start with a vision of the outcome.  Maybe it is a picture of how you
looked many pounds ago.  Do some 'skinny fantasizing' by imagining the
feeling of being at goal weight.  A good time to do this is before
retiring for the evening.  Close your eyes.  What do you vision?  What
are you wearing?  Where are you?  Who is with you?  What are they saying
about your success?  How do you feel about it?

Does this work.  You bet it does.  Starting day one --  give yourself a
clear vision of where you want to go.

Great.  You are own your way.  Remember.. You have already taken the big
step.  Showing up.  See you at your next WW meeting.

The following is from The Denver Post about staying on track.
It is adapted from Life Beyond Time Management:  How High Achievers
Balance and Succeed in a Rapidly Changing World, by Kim and Will

Tips to Stay on Track

1.   Set Meaningful Goals by getting in tune with your true desires
2.   Take stock of where you've been and how you feel about it
3.   Envision your ideal future to set the direction for your life
4.   Recognize what motivates you;  your passions in life are your power
5.   Share your intentions with someone in your life to make those
       intentions real.
6.   Choose your battles wisely and don't bite off more than you can
7.   Strive for a balance between work, self and home
8.   Be patient and persistent; all progress is incremental
9.   Failure is a part of life; by seeking to avoid it all costs, you
     choose not to live and grow
10. Start working toward your goals by taking the first step today
11. Change happens; deal with it by being watchful and ready to adapt
12. Review, revise, and adjust your plans each month; react to changes
     and measure your progress
13. For each goal, choose a motivating reward
14. Yesterday is gone, but today is a gift; that's why it's called "the