Top 10 Reasons Why We Are NOT Going Back to our Weight Watchers Meeting This Week  (really told to Wayne!)....

10. I haven't finished all of the Girl Scout cookies..

  9. I am retaining too much water to weigh in this week..

  8. My pants still don't fit..

  7. Wayne may be on travel this week..

  6. I ate too many samples at Costco..

  5. My friend made goal weight already.

  4. I forgot to follow the program this week..

  3. I have enough 2 point bars and Fruities until next week.

  2.  I have to lose 5 pounds before I go back to WW..

And the #1 Reason We Are NOT Going Back to Our Meeting This Week...

  1. I'll wait for the next special to begin.  

Don't come back and we only delay the inevitability of getting to our winning outcome.  See you at the next meeting!  No More Excuses.  Special Rates are now in effect at Wayne's WW meetings and all meetings in the Wash DC metro area..

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