Thank you so much for the jump start, Wayne -- you're one in a million!  - Janene

Wayne,  Thanks for the encouragement.  I am planning to be at the next meeting to hear your encouraging words and will try to do one of the things you said to do when I am tempeted to stray- go outside for a walk.  Thanks again.  - Mary Margaret

I hear you coaching in my head -- it helps keep me on the path.  Thanks. - Theresa

Wayne, I have been struggling with gearing up for the 2nd half of the weight I
need to lose. You really helped at the meeting and I am on my way again. 1/12
more pounds and Ill have lost 40 since the first of the year. Thank you, you
are really helping me change my life. - Bettina

Wayne, Reaching the 20 pound mark was long overdue but nonetheless, it is a great
achievement for me. I couldn't have done it on my own. I just wanted to say
thanks for everything you've done. Knowing you'll be there makes it easier
to come in on Mondays. - Sarit

As you know, Christa and I have been members MANY TIMES!!
This time we are determined to stay with it for a LIFETIME status.
You are definitely the reason that we keep coming back! - Bettiane and Christa

I appreciate having you as a guide. You are a great cheer leader but it is so
important to have someone who has been there and is able to explain all of
the quirky little facets of this project.  Your knowledge and willingness
to share make you such a valuable part of my success.  Thank you again. -  Ags

Just wanted to tell you part of the reason I am successful is your inspirational leadership. - Frankie S.

Thank you so very much for your warmth and sense of humor which, on more than one occasion, kept me coming back to WW and on track.  You're the greatest. - Linda C.

I just wanted to say THANKS, very sincerely.  YOU are a big part of the success of every person who walks into that room (skinnier) each Saturday. - Rosanne

I was beginning to feel depressed about will power, but what you said about desire made it all
come together for me.  I needed that pep talk more than anything.  You are terrific, thanks so much for being my group leader. - Denise

I am so grateful to read your nice and encouraging e-mails.  This is not to say that WW is hard, but rather, your support assists in creating a WILL to make it work despite any setbacks or loss of focus.
With mountains to climb, a friends hand is a very comforting touch.  Thanks - Jill

Thanks, Wayne, for your great coaching.  I'm so glad I joined my wife on Saturday mornings for your meetings.  It's a good way to start the weekend.  - Chris

I  must admit that you have given me the motivation to get on track again and do it. - Susan C.

Thank you for your  enthusiasm and "real" -ness.  It makes a difference. - Robert

Wayne, class was great Saturday.  No matter if it is raining, the meetings always
make me smile. - Abby

I appreciate your dedication and commitment to our Weight Watchers group.  You are a terrific group leader. - Lee K.

I know I speak not only for myself but for many of the other ladies and gentlemen who attend the Saturday morning meetings when I say that YOU are certainly the inspiration and motivation behind the wonderful turnouts each Saturday.  It's a terrific feeling to walk away from one of your meetings having lost half a pound or 2 1/2 (as I did this past week), but an added bonus having spent 30 minutes laughing and giggling at your stories and sharing with others who are all there for exactly the same reason. - Kathleen

Wayne, first time I've replied, but I like this whole thing.  I want you to know that I view Saturday mornings as a reward.  Forget the scale.  I know I'm doing everything I can to achieve my goal, so thanks for the
Saturday morning parties.  I really appreciate them and the emails. - Kathy

You do a great job!! I am amazed at your constant "upbeat" attitude. Also---I know that you have a frantic workweek schedule, as well as WW.  Just to reiterate---you are terrific!  I don't know how you do it all. - Bea

I've "re-joined" for what must be the 50th time (and you made it in 5), but you're the first lecturer I've encountered that identifies with the group and makes me want to stay on track. - Ann G.

Thanks for another great meeting!  I loved it when you got down on your knees and begged us to eat at the higher end of our points.  I admit I haven't been doing that.  It's hard to realize you can eat more and still lose.  So this week I'm going to eat all that I'm allowed!!  I've been losing, but I have been eating at the very low end, some days not even all my points.  So this week I'm going to enjoy all those points and see what happens! Have a great week, and I'll see you next Saturday morning!  Thanks again for all you do! - Paula W.

I receive scores of e-mail letters and cards each week from the hundreds of Weight Watchers members attending my meetings.  Keep 'em coming!