Is There Text Overlap When You View This Web Site?
The problem may be a function of the font settings on your computer, not necessarily the web page itself.  You can set your computer so that text on the screen, like the word "start" in the lower left corner of your screen, is displayed in large fonts.  If your computer is set to display large fonts, this site may look strange when you try to view it.

To set your computer to display small fonts as recommended:

1. Click the "Start" button in the lower left corner of your screen.
2. Move the mouse over "Settings".
3. Open "Control Panel".
4. Double-click "Display".
5. Click the "Settings" tab, then "Advanced".
6. From the "Font Size" drop-down box, choose "Small Fonts".

You may need to restart your computer before the new font size will go into effect. This should correct the text overlap, and this web site, and others, will be better able to be viewed as intended. 
  AOL and Netscape Users 
This web site is best viewed using Internet Explorer, however this is in no way a promotion of that browser.  Until Microsoft, AOL, Netscape and other browsers all agree on how to render web pages, you'll find that differences in browser type and version often affect the look, and at times, the accessibility of web pages.

Netscape users may find text and picture overlap, etc.  Some of this can be corrected with the use of the font size setting under
"view" on the toolbar. (Increase / Decrease Font Size)

AOL users may find the background of the web pages as well as certain colors and graphics may not display properly. AOL version 5.0 will correct for some of this.