...I can eat all the foods I love and still lose weight.  The best part is I am keeping it off.
The support I receive at the meeting each week is helping me towards my Winning Outcome.  I've more than made the 10% difference.  I am feeling the difference.  The picture at the left is me at 235.8 pounds.  I am now feeling terrific at 165.8 pounds.  I have more energy than I've had in years.  I don't have to take medicine anymore for high bloodpressure and my cholesterol levels are great.  I've come down 6 sizes in my clothing.  As Wayne says, "I've rewritten the script of my life."

I had a wonderful experience at work recently.  ne of the college students who had worked for us in the past came to me and said he was looking for Mrs. Amado!!! (He didn't even know it was me) I said, that''s me.  he said, "WOW" you look so different.  I can't tell you how good that made me feel.  It was a great ego booster.  The compliments keep coming and I keep eating them up (zero points).  Fellow co-workers have now told me I'm their inspiration to lose weight!
I have to thank my constant sources of support - my husband Rodney, my son Rodney Jr., my sister adn weight watcher buddy Sandra and Wayne and the Saturday morning group.

I'm on my way to Lifetime Membership.  I thought if some of the Weight Watchers members saw this, it would inspire them to continue to goal with me.