A dog won't let you forget to take him to the park.  I do sit-ups in the morning with one of those sit-up bars, and I lift some light hand weights occasionally.
I would like to thank Wayne for all the inspiration he gives at each meeting.  It is hard when you are doing well one week and then the next you gain 3 pounds.  But, he gives us all the mental tools to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep going! 

I would also like to thank my husband Billy, who gave me praise and shopping incentives each week.  I want to also thank my WW friends Karen (you can do it, girl!) and Helen (a true inspiration).  To my sister-in-law DeAnn who's almost got her 25 pound award.  You look mahvelous dahling!

The bottom line is... you have to lose the weight FOR YOU and no one else.  You can do it if you let yourself.  It is a GREAT feeling!

                                                        Jill Artman-Boehm