Wayne's Favorite Recipes Have Three Rules

1. It has to take under 20 minutes to prepare, or else we might as well call in for take-out.

2. The portions have to be LARGE.  I like a lot of food.

3. It has be be delicious, or why bother?
* Tell me what you think!
Italian Anyone?
A low point cream sauce that can be used in other recipes!
Creamy Chicken Fettuccini at 9 points per serving.
Make extra rolls for lunch - from oven to freezer to microwave ready.
Lasagna on Wedesday with quick and easy rolls at 4 points each.
They won't believe it was that easy!
Parmesan Dijon Chicken - crunchy crusted chicken for only 5 points.
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Add chicken, shrimp, meatballs, or just as it is.
Pronto Vegetable Marinara when even 20 minutes is too long to cook, and you only have 3 points to spare!
Perfect for picnics and summertime fast dinner
Open the pinot grigio for a taste of Tuscanny - Fantastic Fusilli is wonderful at 6 points.
Gussoni fritti is Italian for vegetable fritters.  Sounds as good as it tastes
Veal Scaloppini with sun dried tomatoes is a real treat for only 5 points.
Cheaper than a Whopper - e-mail Wayne and I'll tell you why!
Fried Cauliflower!! How else would you eat it?
4 points per serving.
My Italian friends didn't think it could be done in a microwave - Buon Appetito!
You'll need risotto (Arborio rice) available at most supermarkets.  This Creamy and delicious dish is made with mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and whipped butter for only 4 points per serving.
Do you like quick and easy Italian recipes?  More are on the way!  Check back soon!
The basic couldn't be any better.
South of the Border All Time Favorite Dishes.
Decide how much kick by adjusting the recipe to your liking.
Cuban black bean soup - 3 points per serving.
You will never eat jar salsa again!
Fresh Salsa is 0 points & 12 chips makes it only 3 points!
Party favorite for everyone
7 Layer Dip is a crowd pleaser.  Take it to your next party!  Just 1 point per serving.
     "..I'll have it on the side...".
...and only 1 point over a basic plain potato!
Twice Baked Potatoes are simply the best - and only 4 points!
Trust me.  They are GREAT!
Hard to believe these crisp, golden gems are only 2 points per serving!
A change from rice and faster to prepare.
Ready for a change of pace?  Couscous can be served as hot comfort food or a chilled summer treat for 3 points.
Enjoy this for breakfast
Sweet Semolina and Peaches uses couscous and is 4 points per serving.
A dish fit for company in under 20 minutes!
Mary Wolf's Mexican Pork is only 5 points per serving.
Wonderful when topped with Wayne's fresh salsa
Black bean & rice bake makes a wonderful luncheon dish at 6 points per serving.
This is so terrific no matter what time of year.
Taco soup!  If you see it elsewhere... remember that it originated here!  4 points per serving.
Ole' something new to the old
Bean and corn burritos give a new twist to the same old same old for 4 points.
The basic bean buirrito for traditionists at 3 points each
Try this with a cold brew - Mexican of course!
Mushroom salsa wrappers seem too good to be true at 2 points!
Wayne calls this the signature dish of his collection!
Tuna with papaya salsa will be your favorite dish - 6 points per serving.
Create Something Special Today &
Enjoy the Pleasures of Dining.
Special pizzzaz to a standard soup.
Broccoli cheese soup as a lunch or wonderful start to an evening meal for 4 points.
Rich and delicious and fast to prepare
Stuffed baked potato soup either hot or cold for 5 points per serving.
Make a batch for your next party
Spicy Crispy Cheese Twists go great with soup, or just to nibble before a meal - only 1 point each!
Low point and Highly delicious!
Poppy Chicken Salad is a perfect sandwich filling for 4 points.
Made in America with Italian style
Hamburger Mushroom Pizza is a crowd pleaser every time - just 6 points per slice.
Hot and juicy...right off the grill
Stuffed Chicken Breasts are best for the eveings when a lot of food is the right recipe!  5 points per serving.
Is company coming?  Or, treat yourself as company!
Bar-B-Que Cornish Hens are worth the time you wait for it to marinade - 7 points per serving.
   Life is short... Eat dessert 1st!
Crunch crunch crunch... perfect fried chicken sounds!
Oven Fried Sesame Chicken has a wonderful cripsy texture at 4 points per serving.
You don't like fish?  EAT THIS!
Sensational Fish is called that because non-fish eaters eat this - only 6 points per serving
Heaven can wait.
Chocolate Cream Pie for only 3 points per slice?  OK - Eat two slices for 6 points and call it dinner.
No.  This is not Wayne caught on a spycam!
Snickers Pie Yes.  It is that good.  And only 3 points per slice.
Grill outdoors or in the oven.  A tasty change of pace.
Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sanwiches tastes like steak!  6 points each.
Very good banana bread.
Not another Banana Bread recipe!  This is a very very good recipe at 3 points per slice.
An all time WW favorite!
Not another Pumpkin Muffin recipe.  No, this is a WW classic because you get 2 muffins for 3 points!
   Wayne's Members' Recipes
Virginia is for Chili Lovers!
Angela's 4 Cheese Macaroni & Cheese is 10 points of heavenly eating for the entire family.
When was the last time you had it?  Make it tonight!
Not the same old same old - I promise!
Italian Chicken from Lynn provides a generous portion for 5 points..

When you don't feel like cooking chicken - Donna's SalsaChicken comes to the rescue for 4 points

Lauri's Chicken Chili makes 6 2-cup, 5-point servings.

Bonni submitted her Vegetarian Chili for 4 points per serving.

Janene's Brazilian Black Bean Chili for 5 points is delicioso.
Karen's Chicken Chile Rolls are easy and delicious for 5 points.

Dori serves up Skillet Chicken Divan when in a rush - 17 minutes and it is done for 8 points.

A five star submission from Mary for Chicken Parmesian at 7 points.
Jennifer's Feta Chicken is a wonderful Greek recipe with garlic, oregano, yogurt and feta for only 4 points.

Oh My God!
2 Point Amaretto Chocolate Cheesecake.  End of Discussion.
Zucchini Crab Cakes are 2 points each - a special side dish

Wonderful side dish!
Easy, simple and elegant
Cuban Salmon at 6 pts per fillet is submitted by Augie.

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